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Miriam Kaas Hansen

Head of the Shipyard

Mother of 3  

Trained nurse.

BA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Works as a manager for Værftet.
Miriam is responsible for administration, finance, development, staff and collaborations,

"I dream that Christian charity must leave a noticeable and positive imprint on the local community in which our children and young people grow up. And here Værftet is a really wonderful setting where we can invite community across age, background, resources , faith and ethnicity. "


Contact Miriam at: 20648503


Sara Bech Jensen.jpg

Sara Bech Jensen

Activity and volunteer coordinator

Mother of 2
BA in Christianity, Culture and Communication
Works at Værftet as an activity manager for the age group 0-12 years and volunteer coordinator.
Sara is responsible for: Tumle Thursday, Communication, the volunteer area, SoMe, Rock Solid and events.

"I'm passionate about creating communities, as I believe in feeling part of a meaningful community,

is crucial to our quality of life and well-being.

Everyone should have the opportunity for loving and caring communities.
I'm passionate about volunteers finding it valuable to lift in droves for a really good cause and dare to be a part of each other's lives. "

Contact Sara at: 93802064


Jannie Pedersen.jpg

Fikrat Hilo

Cleaning help

Da Lone desværre er sygemeldt, har vi spurgt Jannie Pedersen om at varetage flygtningeprojektet i mellemtiden. Det er vi rigtig glade for at hun vil!
Jannie har været frivillig i Kvindecaféen gennem længere tid, og er derfor godt bekendt med kvinderne.
Derudover er Jannie uddannet sygeplejerske med en kandidat i diakoni, og så er hun bare rigtig dygtig til mennesker. 

Kontakt Jannie:


Lone Mouridsen

Resource mor

Mother of 3 adult daughters

Lone is Værtfets Resource Mother for New Danish families.  

"My heart is burning for the new ones in our country who have left their family, home and culture. I wish 

to help make a difference for them and help them become part of "us". To embrace them.  


Værftet is an open "playground" where I can be allowed to gather people for community across 



The love I myself have met through Jesus and which makes a huge difference in my life, I wish 

also to share. "

Contact Lone at: 29603141


Fikrat Hilo

Cleaning help

William er lige blevet færdig med sin HF og skal det næste år bruge noget af sin tid på Værftet.
Han skal bl.a. opstarte en SONAR musik klub hvor unge kan øve sig i at skabe og producere musik, planlægge Rock Solid klubben og Ungdomsklubben.


William er et kendt ansigt i huset, da han selv har gået til Rock Solid som teenager, derefter været ungleder, og startet vores Ungdomsklub med andre frivillige.

Williams er volontør på halv tid i 2023-2024 og er også støttet af SONAR Music under YFC Danmark.

Du kan kontakte William her:



Flemming Pedersen

Chairman and father of 3

Job:  Project manager for the coherent youth efforts as well as a number of other development efforts in Bornholm's Regional Municipality.  


“For me, Værftet is about relationships. I believe that God's love works in word and deed where we allow it. This is what I experience especially happens in the Yard, where people meet and care for each other. ”


Mikkel Kofoed Pedersen

Next chairman and father of 3

Job: Self-employed carpenter and joiner - with a penchant for quirky projects.

"For me, Værftet is a combination of passion, need and faith in practice. A passion for skating and creating a physical environment around a living house. A need for communities and friendships. An everyday platform where life and faith can naturally be shared."

Jon Toft-Jensen.jpg

Jon Toft-Jensen

Treasurer and father of 2

Job: Analyst in the winter, self-builder in the summer.

"Værftet is for me a wonderful meeting place for everyday life in the local community.

Here, big and small meet and the compassion and charity that fills the yard's work, I find very inspiring.

Personally, I do not go up in faith or worship, and fortunately the Yard is open to all, regardless of faith. "


Kristine Elleby-Krøier

Board member and mother of 3

Coming up

Rebecca Wind-Svendsen.jpg

Rebecca Wind-Svendsen

Board member about mother of 2

Job: nurse at Bornholm Hospital


Lasse Paulsen

Deputy and father of 2

Job: Teacher student, teacher at David School and performing musician.

"In my work at Værftet, I really want to meet the young people where they are. Especially the teenage group, I think is cool to work with.
I think outdoor cinema, football on big screen, late-night barbecue and of course music. I want us at Værfte, based on our Christian profile, to become a place where bands come and hold concerts, and where we can gather for some cool music experiences. "


Fikrat Hilo

Cleaning help

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