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Værftet is run not-for-profit and we pay our bills with money we receive through gifts, subsidies and income from sales in the café.
Værftet is an NGO. This means that all profits go to developing Værftet.

In short, the more gifts we receive, the more activities we can offer in the house.

If you want to contribute to Værftet, you can read on this page about the possibilities for giving a gift.

If you want to support something specific that we are missing right now, you can see our wish list here

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Miriam at

Billede af Kevin Butz

You can give a gift to Værftet

on mobilepay: 96623

If you want a deduction for a donation given via mobilePay, click on the big orange or here .

To be approved as a deductible gift giver, you must give at least DKK 200 per year.

It can be a lump sum or as a fixed gift each month.

We then state what has been given to SKAT - and you will receive a deduction corresponding to what you have given.  

You can get a tax deduction for the total contribution that you have donated to Værftet.
In 2020, the maximum donation amount is DKK 16,600.

Your gift is given via our country organization YFC Denmark, and is returned 100% to Værftet.

Thank you so much for your support! It enables us to run Værftet!

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