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Unge Skater Afslappende



As a member, you can participate in Værftetss club activities for free


As a member (or parent of a member), you have at all times the opportunity to provide input on what activities are to be offered in Værftet. You are thus invited into a democratic association life!  


When you register as a member, you will receive a personal membership card.

The card gives you admission to the playground / skater hall for just DKK 20 at each visit. 


You can sign up for membership in Værftet if you have an address in Denmark.


As a member of Værftet, you automatically become a member of Youth For Christ (YFC), as YFC is Værftets national organization.

Read a lot more about YFC and the work they do on their website .  


The membership follows the calendar year and costs DKK 140.
When you create the membership, you can choose whether you want the membership to renew automatically every year. If you wish to unsubscribe from Værftet, you can unsubscribe from automatic payment in online banking at any time or send us an e-mail at:


When you become a member of Værftet, you help to ensure that Værftet can continue to be! 

The fact that we are part of YFC, which has members throughout the country, means that through our members we can apply for distribution funds / tip funds. And it is necessary for the yard to be kept running and keep developing. 

So it's a huge help when you become a member!  


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