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So that everyone can have some wonderful hours at the Yard,
it is important that we are helped to comply with the rules for stays at the Shipyard:

Remember to wash your hands when you enter.
Use our sinks and liquor stations.


You are welcome to eat brought food at the Shipyard.
But drinks must be bought in the yard's café.


Food and drink must be enjoyed in areas with seating.
No food and drink in the play areas.


You are welcome to put on shoes and hang jackets in the entrance hall.
But no shoes in the playground please.

Everyone must wear clothes and socks or slippers in the playground.
No bare toes or bare bodies.
If you need socks for your child, they can be bought in the café.

We want to make room for everyone.
Therefore, please do not occupy seats unnecessarily with bags and jackets.


We love children, but they are the responsibility of parents.
Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
Unaccompanied children are the responsibility of the parents.


The children are handed over to the Shipyard's club and association activities,
then we have the responsibility for the child.
Remember to let the responsible adult know if you have arrived or when you are going home.


The yard is looked after by volunteers and we ask everyone to clean up after themselves.
Brush and broom tray can be borrowed in the café if you have curved on the floor.

Smoking is of course not allowed indoors at the Yard.

It is not permitted to stay at the Shipyard without prior agreement.



We must take good care of each other:

We therefore recommend the use of a helmet and safety equipment in the skate hall.
All traffic in the skate hall and the playground is at your own risk.

The skating rink is equipped for street sports and. we recommend that
that the rates of the skate hall are only used for these purposes.
The ramps are not intended for play by young children,
and can be a dangerous one to use as a playground for smaller children.

Emergency exits must be available at all times,
and must not be blocked by prams, bags etc.
For the same reason, prams and pushchairs may not be brought into the playground.


We reserve the right to expel if the rules are violated.

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