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Værftet is a community house on Bornholm, where the island's children, young people and families can meet for play and fun. Here you can throw off your shoes, lower our shoulders and play together.

Værftet is yours, mine and ours and is run by a bunch of enthusiasts from the city, the island, from associations and churches. Everyone who is part of the house helps to create Værftet.

Værftet "stands" on the harbor quay in Nexø, but we also stand on a Christian foundation and we are driven by a great desire to make a difference for children and young people on Bornholm. To create a place where we can be together without having to worry about performing or being anything particular.

Every week about 200 kids come by our house for play, for a chat in the café or maybe to learn a new trick on the ramp.

We have Tumble Thursday for the little ones and skate clubs for the oldest. We have communal meals for families. We have children's and teen clubs where we take the time to talk to children and young people about faith, about life's big and small issues.
And then we have Denmark's nicest playground and the island's coolest indoor skate park. Here you can just be you - as long as you ride with a helmet.



The purpose of Værftet is to give children and young people a fair opportunity to meet the Christian faith in words and action. 



We want to see everyone as equal, equally valuable and

just loved by God.

It means:
- that we first and foremost meet each other with mutual trust.
- we give everyone a fair opportunity to be part of communities where we dare to become part of each other's history and life.
- we are curious about each other and want each other the best.



We invite everyone to be part of a meaningful community,

regardless of background, beliefs, ethnicity and abilities.

It means:

That we want to pass on healthy values such as trust, honesty, presence and togetherness in the lives of children and young people, and thus create a positive and lasting change for them.



We are constantly changing and evolving. We work actively to adapt our work and activities to the needs we meet around us.

It means:

- that we find new ways and develop new ideas to develop a creative and inspiring environment for children and young people.

- that we offer activities that put children in new situations that they have not tried before.

- that we focus on creating, developing and thinking new.



We want to give children, young people and families a space for carefree play. We want to be a safe space where we lower our shoulders, throw on our shoes and play together.

It means:

At the Shipyard, we want everyone to have a good time. We do what we can to ensure that Værftets facilities help children and adults to have a good time together.

But we also prioritize taking good time for each other. Good time to cheer on each other, to challenge each other, for conversation, fun and good stories.      


We want all children, young people and families to experience being invited into relevant and inclusive communities.


We want children and young people to experience that they are loved and valuable, so that they have the courage to make a positive difference where they are.


The skater hall was started back in 1999 by a group of young boys who needed a place to hang out, skate and share life with other young people in a cool but safe context. The needs have changed over time. Young boys become grown men who have children themselves. Many new people have joined and helped over the years.

In 2014, the playground and the cafe were added, and with this a burning desire to become a more solid platform for church and social work in the local area. With the establishment of the playground and the cafe have also come many new volunteers. All initiatives in the Yard are built by volunteers and the local support is fantastic!

In 2019, the association Værftet bought the building, and thus it became possible to secure the association's activities for the future.

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