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# TROPÅDET - a postcard series

New postcard series at the Yard

We can believe in many things. We can believe in people. On love. On charity. On friendships. On the marriage. Maybe believe  on something bigger than ourselves. 

We can believe in each other. Believe in the good?

At the Yard, we believe in relationships. On potential. On the ability to change. On the good in all. We believe in the young. On the children. And on the families.


And then we believe in the Bible. As current and relevant. As a source of inspiration, on par with other great quotes we hang on the wall.  

In fact, we believe you would be surprised if you knew what's written in the dusty old book on the shelf.  

What do you believe in?

#believe it

# tropodet is a free postcard,  which you can take with you  home after a visit to the Shipyard. 

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